Safety Programs at Johnson ECi

Safety is our greatest concern at Johnson Electric. We emphasize to each of our employees the importance of a safe working environment. 

Educating the individual on how safety applies to their project is our first line of defense. Our foremen conduct weekly tailgate safety meetings with their respective crews to ensure all safety concerns are being addressed. Along with electrical safety, they discuss topics such as fall protection, ladder safety and staying alert in their working environment. 

Our foremen, project managers and office personnel meet monthly to discuss safety issues encountered on each project so that everyone benefits from shared information. This is also a great opportunity to give updates on OSHA regulations and how to implement those changes into our safety program.  

Prevention is another weapon to ensure the safest working conditions possible. Hard hats, safety glasses, hand protection and earplugs are key in preventing accidents. Material Safety Data Sheets are made available to all field and office personnel so they can educate themselves on safe practices before working with potentially hazardous chemicals. Safety harnesses are mandatory in many situations to safeguard against falls.

Accountability plays the biggest part in safety. The success of our safety program depends on individual implementation. Unsafe practices are brought to the attention of the foreman or project manager and corrective action is taken immediately. In the event the individual party does not apply the corrective action he or she will be reprimanded. If the action continues the result can lead to termination of employment.