About Us

Construction Foremen

Our Foremen make up hundreds of years of combined experience in various areas of electrical work, many spent with Johnson Electric. These diligent professionals consistently strive for perfection on every project. They and their
crews are proactive in seeking ways to avoid potential conflicts with other trades. They work closely with the project managers and design teams to keep projects moving to maintain the construction schedule. Their knowledge, experience and work ethic are key ingredients to the success of
our company.

Heavy Equipment/Underground Crew

Our Heavy Equipment/Underground Crew installs underground raceways, ductbanks, manholes/handholes and large gauge wire and conduits associated with our scope of work. Other duties include complete installation of site and athletic field lighting and installation of heavy equipment such as distribution panels, transformers, switchgear and emergency generators. Equipped to handle any situation, this crew is essential on projects where time is of concern such as
emergency power outages or industrial plant shutdowns.